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Personnal work



Personnal concept design vehicles gathering some different silhouettes /packages such spaceshi pracer , rovers , and other concept vehicle extracts  : 

The E-56

A single passenger racer inspired by Star wars universe .

The Rough Rover

An autonomous military rover

and some other personnal concept vehicles explorations


The Pearce R8 :

 The Pearce R8 is a mechanical innovation combining two major ship functions into one. The R8 contains a large cargo hold to store scrap metal for performing open space repairs. It also contains two additional fuel modules which serve as refueling cannisters for all ships. These refueling cannisters can also be jettisoned directly into the Pearce C9 for a rapid refueling service. The command deck rotates 180 degrees to enable the onboard command crew to focus on refueling duties or turn around and activate the repair arms. All accommodations are onboard this ship for long escort missions or for exploring into the unknown and being prepared for many types of support missions that may appear on radar.

The Pearce R8 :

 Pearce's X5 Car is a shapeshifting, two seater, nimble fighter and starship. It has four different primary modes of operation. (1) Attack mode with all weapons pointing forward. (2) Speed mode with all thrusters pointing to the rear. (3) Normal mode with the weapons and thrusters split to the forward and rear. (4) Defense mode with the arms retracted and hull plating with the largest coverage. The X5 Car is the stock patrol vessel for the Council of Peace with a pervasive presence throughout secured faction territories in space and on land.

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