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Ogrika is one of the ship manufacturer of Oni faction - Ogrika aesthetics is ornmaental and use precious metals , worked through 3d printed metal additive manufacturing technology and large organic panel of metal

Among those concept design extracts for Ogrika ships  : 

The Ogrika Niruch (Original Sketch) :


Enveloping the elite traveler in the luxury of posh Punaab lines evoked by Ogrika's engineering excellence, the Ogrika Niruch offers the same rousing regal qualities exalted elsewhere in its grandiose lineage. Now available for discerning buyers in a swift, sleek, and sublime civilian transport package. Experience exquisite craftsmanship and comfort, in its affluently accoutered interior cabin, while smoothly realizing the escape velocity you desire. Whether embarking for business, or for pleasure. Exhilarating. Enduring. Elegant. The Ogrika Niruch.


Trees of Oni systems :

 baobonzai sketches for arboretum in ogrika ships

The Ogrika Ruch (concept - non revealed)

Ship components and props such engine , ect

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