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Fimbul is t from extra extra small to Titan Class for Military operation  

Among those concept design extracts of Fimbul ships : 

The Fimbul Lowbie :

Ride in pure classical comfort in this flexible flying vehicle platform. The Fimbul Lowbie is a clear sign that the driver is coming up in the world and their ambitions are finally being rewarded with a well-rounded and reliable space capable vessel. Take a slice of home with you whenever you go cruising, hauling or transporting.

The Fimbul Mamba :

 Built for the driven bounty hunter, the Mamba has everything you need and nothing you don't. 38m of pure, lean bounty hunting machine to aid you in the thrill of the chase. This ship exudes vintage grit from top to bottom. Now with support for you and three crew. Secure your quarry in our no frills, back-to-basics brig that will have your captives humming jailhouse blues, or put them in stasis for that extra oomph. Detain with Delight™ Disclaimer of Warranty: Fimbul Mamba and brig are provided “as is.” Fimbul makes no express or implied warranty as to the condition of the brig or its fitness for the particular purpose of keeping bounties detained in the brig comfortable (or even alive).

The Fimbul AIrbike :

The Fimbul Airbike is the perfect starter ship for the budget conscious space traveler. Even though the oversized impulse engine fitting is using some slightly dated technologies, the Airbike can still perform speeds and distances typical of its class. Fresh off the production line, this ship does not come with stocked weapons, but the hardpoint can be equipped aftermarket to utilize all of its capabilities. Shipcraft engineers tend to fondly recall their first Airbike blueprint that turned them onto the wonders of space flight.

The Fimbul Benzene and fimbul combat drone also appearing in those extracts


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