Gary Sanchez is an Art/Design director, concept designer working for Films/Series/AAA Video games and advanced Innovation Industrial Design fields.

References include: Pinewood studios (Startrek Franchise series/TVshow ), Digital Domains , Automata (Staratlas) , Iconic Engine (holometric cinema), Thales avionnics (military advanced products), Build a rocket Boy (Everywhere games) , Cloud Imperium Games (Starcitizen) , Ubisoft x and studios , Quantic dream , Peugeot design studios , Renault group , Woodblocktv, Time base arts , Festival automobile international, Magna Steyr , Magna international , Quoros, Elisa NYC , DPS drone , RoninXDesign , VRmada , Fuseengine , Empreinte digitale,and more.

He also teached and gave workshops in prestigious schools like : les Gobelins (Paris) , Strate (Paris), Isd/rubika (Pune) , Ican Esgi (Paris), Artwork vfx (Bordeaux).

He received the "Syd Mead special commendation" in CGsociety challenge in 2011.
He s also published through DSP (design studio press) with a collective of artists for the book Traverse.

Currently consulted for designing Art directing ips or designing in different fields such films/series franchise ,new AAA games , or industrial design fields.

He launched in 2020 a new concept design studio (company) called
GRAPHENE DESIGN STUDIO specialised in visionnary advanced design and art direction consulting :