NX DESIGN CONSULTING is an entity specialised an advanced concept design/art created by Gary Sanchez 

Created in 2017 , its main goal is to provide innovative concept design  in differents fields:

NX CONSULTING is divided in 3 departments providing different specific services:

NX DESIGN : advanced industrial design concept.

NX CG : concept art / design outsourcing for films and games

NX GRAPHIC: brand development and communication.


Working as a  concept designer/artist and consultant art director, automotive /industrialdesigner since years, Gary Sanchez has been involved in the best companies , projects and creative studios since years in automotive design industries or video games/entertainment field, films , or advanced design projects


REFERENCES - Gary Sanchez has references  such as Digital Domain, Pinewood Studios (scifi TV SHOW), Build a Rocket Boy/ Everywhere games, Peugeot design studios, Quantic Dream/Sony PS4, Ubisoft , Thales AVS (military product) , Iconic Engine (holometric cinema),  Cloud Imperium Games (Star citizen), Festival Automobile International (during 7 years) , Renault Group , Elisa NYC (UAE manned drone) ,Magna steyr International , Qoros, DPS drone, Ronin x design, VR Mada , Empreinte digitale , Acony games and more (confidential)  ... and  transmit its methodlogy through workshops in prestigious design schools or art schools such as : Les Gobelins , Strate , ISD Rubika , Ican/esgi, Artwork VFX ...

- Gary Sanchez received the prize Syd Mead special commendation with CG Society challenge in 2007

- Thanks to its involvement in different projects , he got the chance  to work in different countries such as France, Italy , Austria, Germany , India , United kingdom, Italy , Scotland, Hungary and Canada.

He s currently working on  films/serie franchise , innovative design projects (automotive ,aeronautic, architecture, events) , and AAA new IP's .


contact  for any enquiries